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Brand Marketing Jobs – Are They For You?

Brand marketing jobs are becoming more popular in today’s job market especially on the internet where so many people now browse for information, entertainment or interact socially. Brand marketing involves the promotion of any brand strategies and activities toward the establishment and maintenance of a brand in the marketplace.

A brand marketing manager will need to be able to demonstrate their ability for new product development, have a solid understanding of consumer behaviour and needs. Excellent verbal and written communication skills will be required, as well as people skills for a brand manager to be successful.

The roles and responsibilities within brand marketing jobs can include:

1. Plan, strategize and execute marketing activities to establish and maintain presence for the brand in the marketplace

2. Research and determine a products weaknesses and areas of improvement

3. Develop effective product positioning in the market

4. Coordinate the activities of others involved in the branding and positioning of the products

5. Define road maps and strategies for the products

Key objectives and deliverables with brand marketing jobs typically include:

Strategic Brand Development – Leading the development of consumer marketing strategies, listening and participating in insight generation processes, which may include development of consumer related measures and objectives.

Leadership – Leading and influencing the decision-making in a cross-functional organization, especially as it relates to developing insights based strategies to improve consumer outcomes.

Customer Research – Identifying key consumer insights for a brand through market research. Obtaining a solid comprehension of the consumer target.

Creative Development – Leading the selection of consumer messages and creative platforms brought forth by brand teams.

Brand marketing jobs typically require a business or marketing degree to get hired in at an entry-level position. Brand managers are often employed by large companies that represent multiple products, such as food or toy conglomerates. Within the organization each brand is treated as its own mini-company, with the brand manager responsible for each brand’s success. These creative, yet analytical thinkers work with big idea people but also manage the smallest details.

What Every Job Hunter Should Know About VP Marketing Jobs

The top organisations in the world have unique criteria for hiring their top executives and they spend as much time as they need to find what they are looking for. Executive level professionals in the 35 to 55 year old age group have an overwhelmingly tough, competitive field, when it comes to landing top executive positions.

Because the global economy has made many applicants available to the top organisations, it is important to know the techniques to land the job, whether it is VP Marketing jobs or HR executive jobs.

The first thing top candidates have to consider is whether they have the insight to be first in mind of top recruiters, so that when top job vacancies become available, they are one of the first candidates that come to mind. Many top executives lack the knowledge and techniques required to become prominent to top recruiters.

Besides a polished resume, application and top credentials, there are certain things that top organisations look for, when it comes to hiring top executives. Discovering these techniques, interview secrets and what these organisations are looking for, can be difficult to find, without proper research. It is important for candidates to realize they need to have “insider” thinking, if they hope to become part of the team.

Many of these top organisations may have a “group” interview, where you are answering the questions and concerns of several diverse groups, such as hourly employees, managers, supervisors and the CEO or CFO. These can be the techniques that many executives are lacking, even VP Marketing executives that are accustomed to using their marketing ideas for products and services.

If you fail to meet the challenge, it doesn’t matter how you did on testing that got you to the “group” interview. Many executives are misled because they did so well on testing. If you know how the top organisations narrow the field, you will discover that testing falls low on the priority scale.

Top organisations with global opportunities take their time hiring top executives. If you already work for them, you know they can be hard to figure out, when it comes to promotional opportunities. It is the techniques, tools, credentials and the ability to field questions and answer questions properly, that can eliminate many otherwise qualified candidates.

What many VP Marketing executives discover is that they may be good at marketing everything but themselves. Often, it is that most high level marketing executives don’t do the homework to land the job and assume that the potential employer will find out how great they are, by looking at a resume or checking credentials and references. If this were the case, many of their existing and loyal executives would be the ones filling the positions, and in some cases, they are. Many have not discovered the secrets of winning the executive job race because the global job market has created an abundance of qualified VP Marketing executives and other top level jobs.

The information is easily available on the Internet, if everybody did the research to learn the secrets and techniques, but the successful job candidates are the ones that have found workbooks or programs that give them the advantage in the job race for executive jobs.

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Social Marketing Jobs

Social marketing jobs have become more popular in recent years. The popularity of social media web sites have caused businesses to include jobs in social media marketing. Traditionally, jobs in marketing focused on print, television, and radio ads. Marketing professionals used these mediums to influence the buying behavior of targeted markets.

Corporations are discovering that social marketing is less costly and quite effective. People tend to buy products based on recommendations from friends and family. There is a trust factor that plays heavily into the buying behavior of consumers, so marketing professionals can target the captive audience on the internet.

Studies show that people are spending more time online than ever. There are billions of users on the internet, and this number continues to grow every day, so the potential market is enormous. In addition, many forums are developing around certain interests, so this leads to a captive audience that is interested in certain activities and products. This is the perfect environment for a marketer. Jobs in marketing depend upon the professionals being able to reach and influence their target audience. The internet has made this easier in some ways.

Social marketing also includes brand and reputation management. A company must pay close attention to what consumers are saying about their products and services. One person having a negative experience can negatively affect the public perception of a product or service; thus, social media professionals have a duty to effectively manage the brand of their clients.

Also, social marketing provides an environment where consumers can communicate with companies. This communication line opens up a direct method of active dialogue. Customers can critique products and services, and the corporation can use this market research to improve their products and services.

For example, one company recently changed their logo. Consumers were vehemently opposed to the change, and ultimately, the company changed back to the old logo. Customers were very unhappy with the change, and this company realized that they should have done more market research before making a change of this nature.

This type of social interaction between consumers and companies is important. The internet is a excellent way to exchange large amounts of information immediately. Information can reach people around the world within a few seconds. This type of marketing is cost efficient, and marketers are able to track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. They can see the direct effect that a social marketing campaign has on the sales of a product or service. Also, a campaign can be adjusted quickly if it is not effective.