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Market Yourself Into Direct Marketing Jobs

When it’s job hunting time, too many candidates for direct marketing jobs forget everything they’ve learned about selling a product and think in terms of getting a job. If anyone should have an easy time of getting a job, it’s the direct marketing specialist, no? After all, what is job hunting but selling the most important product you have to offer – yourself? When you stop thinking in terms job seeking, and start thinking as you do when you’re developing a campaign to sell a new product, you’ll find the employers lining up to interview you – and offer you those direct marketing and database jobs for which you’ve been applying.

Step I: Identify Your Market

The first step in selling yourself is the same first step as in any direct marketing campaign – generating leads. Think back to what you’ve learned about identifying and developing your market. There are several ways to go about this. The most effective is to combine several.

- Research through newspapers and job search sites to find direct marketing jobs that are vacant.

- Draw up a list of firms for which you’d like to work.

- Network. Mention your job hunt to everyone you know. Have a supply of business or contact cards available to hand out to anyone interested. Your mum’s hairdresser’s cousin may just be the secretary who typed up an advert for your dream position at work this afternoon. You never know where your sales leads may come from.

Step II: Prepare Your Direct Marketing Materials

Targeted mailings are the mainstay of most direct marketing jobs. You’ve identified your market – now put together your mailing: your CV and cover letter. Give it the same attention you’d give to your marketing campaigns – because it is your most important marketing campaign. Take the time to tailor your approach to fit the companies to which you’re applying. Your cover letter to each company should be different and aim to emphasize the skills and experience that will make you most attractive to them. It may be handy to rearrange your CV to aim for different direct marketing jobs and database jobs, putting the most important experience and honors up front for each position.

Step III: Follow Up With Your Prospects

Wait several days after sending out a CV to a company. If you haven’t heard back from them at the end of a week – most will at least send out a postcard acknowledging receipt of your CV – you can ring up to ‘check if your CV was received’. Do a bit of prospecting for information at the same time – will the company be scheduling interviews? When can you expect to hear? Is there anything in particular that might increase your chances of being considered for open direct marketing jobs?

Step IV: Present Your Best Side

If your prospecting for leads is successful, think of your job interview as doing a sales presentation. Prepare yourself as carefully as you would to make a big sale to a prospect. You’ll find it far easier to present your abilities if you think of them as selling points rather than as ‘tooting your own horn’.

Viewing your job interview as a sales presentation will also help you frame the right sorts of questions to ask your interviewer. When you’re selling a product, you aim your questions at discovering how your product can be most helpful to your prospect. The same sort of question to your interviewer will point out how valuable an asset you can be if the firm hires you for their vacant position.

Marketing Employment – How Not to Do Well in Marketing Jobs

A well achieved marketing career may be your dream option if you have a general knack in marketing or you have a college degree in that. But a lot of people find it extremely difficult to get its proper outlet and realize their full potential. This is mainly due to the reason that they don’t know the right procedure for a guaranteed marketing success. The general problems may be listed as:

1. Marketing Careers and jobs associated with it often fails to enrich some people in the marketing employment because they simply lack what it takes to be in the field. As a result they fail to leave a mark because they don’t really know what they should not do when it comes to marketing and sales.

2. Marketing is taken lightly often and thought of an utterly creative field of work which is downright untrue. Marketing jobs require extensive hard work and dedication to the product and the company it belongs to.

3. Some people lack the correct communication skills which reflect adversely on the performance in their marketing area. Without the right set of communication skills you will not be able to reach out to the customers to excite them about the product you are marketing.

4. A major drawback in some people is they in spite of being good speakers fail miserably as listeners. You have to be receptive to what your consumer base has to say about your product and their need. Feedback is always necessary and a part of the whole marketing process.

5. If you have a fairly short temper you should stay away from this field. Marketing requires extensive patience and you might not be well suited in this profession.

6. Knowledge and information about the industry is highly essential for marketing approach. Marketing employment opportunities are all over the internet and newspaper. Make use of that while you are at it. Gather as much information as you can. Showing neglect will only result in delay of the jumpstart that you need.

7. You need to know the head and tail of the marketing trends in the industry and have every bit of information at your disposal. You must know your product in every detail possible, must be able to answer what your consumer has to ask in the most reasonable way possible.

8. You should be confident about your product. Lacking that, you probably will fail to influence your customers and you might be failing in several marketing campaigns. Without the correct approach and confidence in that approach it will all be in vain.

9. You must be acquainted with the marketing cycle, the demographic trends of the area you are assigned, the needs and habits of your customer base and their age group for correctly assessing the marketing strategy for your product. For this some opt for specialized marketing research employment scheme just for study and research of the area concerned. There are several marketing employment agencies that might be interested once you get to prove yourself what you are capable of.

To sum it up, you must be confident, hard working, polite and persevering in the cat and mouse world of marketing. Not having any of these might have catastrophic results in your career so be wise when you choose your field.

New Vistas For Marketing Job Boards

Marketing is separate job discipline that requires special training, and one of the most efficient ways of filling vacancies in marketing positions is advertising on marketing job boards. The advantage of using marketing job boards, is that they not only present job opportunities for marketing professionals, but that they can also help to shape the way marketing is done. In addition to helping employers fill vacant marketing jobs, they can help candidates who are looking for new opportunities in the marketing sector. They can enable both active and passive job seekers to find jobs with relative ease.

Marketing is one of the functions of any business that can easily be neglected but always maintains top priority. It is multi-disciplinary and evolving to include new functions that did not exist until a few years ago. Employers of any organization, in almost any industry, can advertise their vacant marketing jobs on marketing job boards, while those looking for jobs in marketing will have easy access to all the open positions in a central location. The convenience eliminates the need to spend hours searching for jobs in marketing, as users can have access to advances search capabilities that allow job-seekers to choose jobs that appeal to them personally. Jobs can be listed by categories or disciplines, and you can also discern which disciplines hold more promise or potential.

The Human resources department of many organizations will contract the use of recruiting firms, that may then post the vacancies on marketing job boards in order to attract the most suitable candidates. All of the details that are associated with the position will also be published with the advertisement, and readily available to applicants who may then determine if the position suits their requirements.

A very convenient benefit to job seekers is that many of the larger corporations will publish information on the net. The information may sometimes include the contact information of hiring managers to allow direct contact to those who may be responsible for making hiring decisions.

The information is also made available continually, and contact may be easy as sending an email or a telephone call. The reach of the Internet world wide, and jobs can be listed in almost any geographic location. The variations and options are unlimited. It is possible to live in one location and cover a territory that is hundreds or even thousands of miles away, provided that other challenges are overcome. The technology to overcome challenges such as differences in time zone is already available as communications can be pre-recorded and re-played at convenient times.

It may also be possible for organizations to recruit the best candidates, from any location, and with the promise of telecommuting, the distance is quickly becoming irrelevant. Because all information is publicly displayed, the competition that is introduced into the process can benefit both the worker and the employers.

Employers can determine if the compensation that is offered for the position is comparative to similar positions from the competition, and can adjust the packages as needed, in efforts to retain the best employees, while candidates can gain bargaining leverage by comparing advertised vacancies for which they may be suitable.