Marketing Jobs – Discover Diverse Positions Rarely Affected by Unemployment

Jobs Abound
If there is one area of the job market that rarely is affected by unemployment, it’s marketing. Be aware that it is a wide-open field of employment with as many diverse positions available as their are job disciplines. Marketing jobs can begin in entry-level positions with employees who may not have long-term job experience. These types of positions grow with the newly hired employee when it’s accompanied by a solid training program. Marketing positions may also require a proven track record of success when experience is a priority. This usually occurs in positions that need to be filled quickly and without training.

Job Disciplines
Know your particular job aspirations and the compatibility of your skills and experience. Marketing job disciplines in sales, research, product development and media all require basic knowledge and most hiring companies prefer a degreed individual, rather than a trainee. There actually is a big difference between sales and marketing. Sales is the short process of selling a product or service. Whereas, marketing may be the vehicle through which sales originate. Market planners are assigned the duties of creating the best sales territories for specific products or services based upon information provided by marketing research teams.

How To Break In
Marketing is an overwhelmingly interesting field of employment because it rarely remains static. Jobs offer the opportunity to develop clientele as well as specific markets to be managed by experienced sales staff. It also allows for creativity and innovation with the presentation of products and services. This might include planning presentations for sales and marketing conventions as well as media. Look for job opportunities in companies with established visibility as well as recognized products or services for those with advanced skills. Don’t overlook newer companies because many represent the newest trends as well as a clue to future directions in marketing.

In Media
One area of marketing employment that takes high levels of energy is media marketing. This is a field that requires constant vigilance to keep current with trends in targeted markets. It offers the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with advertising and logistical planners to gain high visibility and top-notch branding of products and services. Knowledge of the media is crucial to functioning successfully in these venues. This may mean an all-encompassing plan of presentation on multiple levels.

How important is marketing research? It’s the difference between having direction or not. Marketing research is a great field for people who love to dig deeply into what makes things tick. Or, in this case who is buying and who is selling, why, where and how. This is marketing research in its most native form. The job title has been erroneously applied to telemarketing jobs, these type jobs are largely tele-sales in nature, but requires knowledge of marketing analysis and ability to collect data specific to products or services in order to produce proactive sales reports.